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May 11, 2020 2 min read

Something I always struggled with in school was the tedious day to day busy work. I never saw a use for it. There was a disconnect between what I "saw" as important and what "was" important. The small stuff is what mattered, and I failed to see it.

Instead of doing the small stuff like homework and class projects, which ended up accounting for a large part of my overall grades, I would...

Work on sketches for my art classes.

Find excuses not to pay attention.

I even spent my fair share of time sleeping through class.

"Subconscious learning," I always called it.

When it came time for tests, I never had a problem. Now, I understand the curriculum in most schools is outdated and needs to be reworked. That's a different conversation for another day...

The issue is that tests are only 25% of the formula for good grades.

Attendance, Homework, Effort, Test Scores, these things all add up to create your final grade.

What I failed to realize as a kid is those four things are just as, if not more important, in your adult life as well. If you want to be successful in any area of your life, these four things are going to be necessary. No... MANDATORY!

You have to show up, do the work, go harder than anyone else, and be willing to handle any test thrown your way. If you slack in any of those areas, you'll notice that you never end up with the A+ you expected.

Just because 75%, or a C average is passing, doesn't mean it's what you should strive to achieve!

Don't get caught up doing the minimum required to get ahead. It never pays off in the end! If you want to become the best version of yourself and you want to create the life you have always dreamed of, you are going to have to give an A+ effort. Even on the days that don't seem like you have it in you. Always remember "Cush The Day Before It Crushes You!"