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June 08, 2020 2 min read

We all struggle. Everyone goes through hard times. One of the reasons this happens is we allow our ego to interrupt the process. Ego can help fuel your confidence to hit goals. Ego can also cause you to "write checks with your mouth that your ass can't cash." A.K.A, it can leave you in an awful place.

Those who refuse to get help are the ones hurting themselves the most, and many times they are the same people who believe accepting help makes them "weak."

This is far from the truth...

Human nature is to reach out a hand and help up, those who have fallen. The truth is most people WANT to help! If you've been allowing your ego to hold you back from the next level because you're afraid to ask for help, today is the day I implore you to open up.

There is someone in your life who wants to see you succeed.

It's time to level up!!!

The first step is to open up your mind to the idea that the ego can be a blessing and a curse. It would be best if you had enough ego to step up when you're called to action. You are a powerful human and capable of doing anything you put your mind too. Please write down the things you accomplish each day and go back through them occasionally to remind yourself why you're a winner. Take fifteen minutes each night to recap your day and where you won. Perhaps it was knocking out that task you've been putting off. Crushing your workout first thing in the morning is another win. Write these things down so that you can go back and see them when you're having a rough day.

Now that you have your confidence back, it's time to take action and go for what you want in life.

As you are going through the process of doing the work, you will start to notice more getting done in your life. You may even see a significant increase in your income or fitness.


Too big of ego will lead you to lose support. Nobody likes a braggart or someone who acts better than others because of their success. Be careful not to let small amounts of success create significant problems in your life.

Play smart and prepare for the long game. Keep your ego in check and prepare to watch your life become everything you want it to be.

Crush Your Ego Before It Crushes You!